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Address core strategic and operational issues with business strategy valuations.

Learn more about what Strategic Valuations we offer at Greener Equity.


Evaluations of Strategic Alternatives

Most people advising small and midsize companies have a vested interest in what the company chooses to do. As third-party experts, the Greener Equity Team is able to provide the advice needed based on data that will help you accomplish your strategic goals.

Independent Opinions For Buyers/Sellers

We have experience providing independent opinions to fulfill tax requirements, for strategic purposes, and for buy and sell opportunities. When looking in to hire an independent party, hire a firm with no vested interest in your company but with plenty of experience.

Management Buyout

Every business owner seeking to sell his or her company should move forward with a valuation on the company. This provides a more accurate perspective, provides some overall direction, and gives you an idea of what to expect based on the fair market value of your company.

Strategic Planning Purposes

Our team of ex-CFOs, experienced investment bankers, and expert analysts have the ability to provide valuation services that apply to your company’s overall strategy. We keep the overall picture in mind when valuing and consulting for strategic purposes.


Before you begin fundraising for your company, it’s important to get a valuation. This help determine how much cash you need, gives you an idea of the potential of your business, and gives you more credibility (especially if you use a third party).

Shareholder Distributions

Before you make a distribution, you need to be aware of certain tax consequences. Our deep industry knowledge, access to data sources, benchmarks, and tax rulings help us provide comprehensive reports at the highest quality.


In the process of recapitalization, you want to avoid “push-down” of purchase adjustments into the financial statements. Our team has worked with thousands of companies and can provide the same quality and value to you and your company.

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