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Our experience working with GE has been excellent. We have been working with them not only for 409A, but also on strategic advisory. Their team has significant transaction and operational experience and we feel like that has led to a nice, value-added relationship. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Craig Anderson, Head of FP&A, TuneIn

We engaged Greener Equity for a challenging assignment on a somewhat unique security. Their work was exceptional. Their analysis was reviewed by our auditors and tax advisors and despite the complexity it passed reviews with no issues. Working with them was a great experience.

Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO, Location Labs

Greener Equity was recommended to us by an executive we trust. We met with them and were impressed with their background in M&A. We engaged them for help in determining the appropriate value range for a potential strategic purchase to be accretive for our company. They provided thoughtful, thorough, very helpful analysis. I would recommend them to anyone seeking advice in an M&A process.

Business Valuation ExperienceTom Mabey, CEO/Founder, EMM Technology

I would strongly recommend getting your 409A valuation done by Greener Equity. They provided us with an in-depth, high quality report at a reasonable price and on schedule. I have worked with many professional services firms and feel they are in the top tier in terms of communication, quality, and value. I feel very comfortable recommending them to any company in need of a valuation.

Ankur Sharma, CEO, NEHANET Corporation

The Greener Equity team was terrific to work with. They clearly took genuine interest in our business and provided me with research and data that was a real value add. The team answered by myriad of questions and iterated through any issues in a timely manner.

Louisa Chen, CFO, Sole Society

Working with Greener Equity has been a delightful experience. The team, from the CEO to the analyst, were very responsive, organized and acutely aware of our tight time frame. The company culture is geared toward client satisfaction, which was demonstrated throughout my interactions with individual team members. Their price is fair and competitive, their culture is focused on customer satisfaction and their turn around is so fast. I highly recommend them.

Ari Azhir, Ph.D., Founding CEO, Neurocea

Growing a successful startup comes with its fair share of challenges. Amidst that chaos, few things stand out in such stark, refreshing contrast as coming across a team of highly capable, knowledgeable, and professional individuals like Greener Equity. Having come highly recommended through our network, we engaged their team for our 409A. From initial contact to the final analysis, the process was flawless, and our Board approved the report without hesitation. I look forward to working with these guys for the long haul and send my highest recommendation to any company considering engaging them.

Dan Levin, President, ViralGains

Greener Equity helped several of our portfolio companies with valuation and advisory services. In every case Greener Equity has provided excellent service, brought great insights and exhibited professionalism. I will continue to use their services and recommend them to others.

Larry Cook, Partner, Dakota Pacific

I wholeheartedly recommend Greener Equity services as we have found great benefit from them. Greener Equity has competed two quality 409A valuations for our company that were accepted by our VC board members. In addition, they have provided us with other CFO-type insight and direction in business modeling, financials, and investor presentation. In all cases the services have been professional, timely, and insight.

Ken Myers, CEO, GoReact

Greener Equity was exceedingly helpful in getting to know our business and situation and helping us think through and execute against the best possible course of action based on our goals and circumstances. They are great for providing growth companies, like ours, with the kind of advice, direction, and access to capital sources that larger companies get from investment banks.

Jeff Jensen, Founder, Mission Belt

Greener Equity is great to work with. Their responsiveness, quality, and turnaround time is impressive. My experience with them through multiple valuations has been excellent.

Kaz Nejatian, CEO, Kash






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