An Update on Greener Equity – Looking Back at 2016 and Looking Forward to 2017

2016 was a surprising year in many ways. From Brexit and the Cubs to Pokemon Go and President Trump. Only the Simpsons or Back to the Future could have predicted such a wild year. Through it all the business climate has remained reasonably strong and Greener Equity had another banner year. Growth was again fast enough that we anticipate this year landing in the Inc. 500. To support and continue that growth, we added talented professionals recruited from valuation practices within firms like KPMG and Duff & Phelps along with top graduates from strong local universities.

We launched our new website – which we continue to enhance. We keep pushing the capabilities of internally developed software with a mission to be the perfect nexus of technology and human skill in business valuation. It is our view that some go too far in one direction or the other either sacrificing efficiency or losing the benefit of human application of judgment and nuance. It is our view that going too far either direction is a disservice to the market. We see too many Luddites coupled with too much bureaucracy in many of the larger accounting and valuation firms and conversely tech companies that may be missing the mark as they try to address our market. We will continue to ensure our clients benefit from efficiencies software creates while not losing the value created by working with experts who deliver excellent client service.

We continue to see both consolidation and attrition as likely trends within the valuation services industry. We expect to be a consolidator as we go forward. We believe there can be significant benefits of scale particularly in aggregating proprietary, valuable data for our clients. Clients of Greener Equity already benefit from our use of the data we ingest conducting over 1,000 valuations per year. As we grow through both organic and inorganic growth our dataset will only become more valuable to clients. Internal, proprietary data must be aggregated and made generic, of course, but it is of great value – principally to small and medium sized businesses where public transaction data can be sparse.

Look for some big announcements from us in 2017. We have some pretty major accomplishments on the horizon that will further enhance our capabilities. In all we do the client is always our main concern. We firmly believe our mantra: If we focus on our clients’ success, our own success will follow. It has proven to be true and will always be core to who we are. Thank you to all of our clients for an amazing 2016 and we remain committed to your success in 2017.

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