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An Update on Greener Equity

This past year Greener Equity has continued to accomplish great things! The company had its second consecutive year of approximately 3x growth in annual topline results. To handle the stellar growth, we added top tier talent that was recruited from valuation practices of premier firms like PWC, Deloitte, and Andersen Tax, in addition to incredible team members who had joined from strong corporate finance teams and highly regarded universities. Additionally, we moved into a much larger office to accommodate our incredible growth, staying in the tech corridor of the area (which people around here like to call the “Silicon Slopes”).

During the year, we made some technology/process advancements that we believe give us a meaningful, competitive advantage in our world of business valuation. We have very high goals for what we want to accomplish in the near, medium, and long-term, and we fully expect to achieve them. Client experience and quality of work product are always at the center of what we do. Our mantra continues to be: If we focus on our clients’ success, our own success will follow. Clients should begin to feel the impact of our software development in the coming months, as we launch tools to help improve the client experience.

As we move forward, we expect to continue to push to innovate software and processes that enhance both the client experience and, by extension, our competitive position. We hope to help bring higher standards and really consolidate an industry that, though fairly sizeable, in our view is largely composed of small, under-professionalized organizations. In this endeavor, we will continue to add talent to the team.  If you know of any valuation professional that have an entrepreneurial drive and want to be a part of something truly special, please send them our way.

We are grateful for strong professional relationships with some of the top legal, accounting, finance, banking, and fintech software professionals in the country. These relationships have given us the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most exciting companies who are working to change the world in incredible ways. One of the most exciting things about this business is the opportunity to work with the entrepreneurs and business professionals who are shaping the world of tomorrow.

We really love what we do, and we aim to do it better than anyone!

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