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Attracting an Investor


Unless you have the luxury of taking out a bank loan, asking investors to fund your business is a great option to get the money for your business. In order to attract the right investor and gain the capital you want, you must present you and your business in the right light.

When pitching, investors are sure to highlight experience and knowledge. Good ideas are everywhere and are worthless without the team to execute against them. If you have a great idea, there are probably thousands of people that have that same good idea. It’s hard to find anything new under the sun.

So be sure to not only assemble the right team to execute, but highlight the track record of that team in seeking investment.

Beyond assembling the right team, positioning is definitely key. The right positioning of the same business plan can make all the difference both in actually getting investors and in getting them to invest with favorable deal terms.

The Greener Equity team has helped many businesses with achieving their funding goals…thereby achieving their business goals. Reach out and we can quickly assess if we’ll be able to help you.


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