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What Every Business Owner Needs: A Buy-Sell Agreement

Determine the Rules of the Game Upfront Any business owner, whether they are the sole owner or in a partnership, should become knowledgeable about buy-sell agreements. In the event of financial problems, death, divorce, or retirement you do not want to be without one. A well-prepared agreement will cover all bases including: Purchase or sale [...]

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Betting on the future of Business Intelligence

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about Business Intelligence ("BI") lately. And you likely know that it’s something you’re going to need to keep your business competitive in an increasingly data driven marketplace—you’re just having trouble cutting through the noise, or knowing where to start. Right off the bat you’re faced with an extremely [...]

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Macro Thoughts on Tech Valuations

Tech valuations are in the spotlight with recent articles/blogs from Fortune and the WSJ. Early and growth-stage tech valuations have increased to levels not seen since the dotcom bubble. We are hoping the Pure Storage IPO could serve the valuable purpose of getting investors to cool their jets at least a bit. The accelerating pace [...]

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