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Greener Equity performs independent valuation services for tax compliance and financial reporting purposes.

Greener Equity was founded in 2006 and is quickly becoming one of the premier valuation firms in the country. The culture of Greener Equity is to care deeply about delivering the best possible experience and value to its clients. The firm’s roots are in performing 409A valuations and it likely does more of these each month than any other firm in the country. From these roots the firm has grown to be a top provider of Valuation and Consulting Services.

Greener Equity clients get more than just a valuation report at a great value. Greener Equity sets itself apart from its competition in the following ways:

  • Experience: We have conducted thousands of valuations for both private and public companies across a wide variety of sectors.
  • Focus: Focus lends itself to higher quality. We are not a commercial or investment bank. We are not an accounting firm. Valuation is what we do and we strive to do it better than anyone.
  • Differentiated Leadership: Founded and run by professionals with deep experience in running private equity-backed companies and who have worked in venture capital and investment banking. As such we understand the nuances to value and risk drivers that valuation firms staffed with accountants and bankers who have never run a business cannot possibly understand. We also consistently leverage our experience and contacts on behalf of our clients.
  • Value: Our valuation experience, deep industry knowledge, access to industry-standard data sources, benchmarks and tax rulings, help us provide the most comprehensive and high-quality valuation reports available at compelling pricing.

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